My Plan

When you vote for me, you can depend on my sticking to my plan for a better North Vancouver. I base everything here on input I receive (thank you all for the many suggestions) and research I collect about what’s been done by the current council. This is a promise I intend to keep.


Residents have made their voices clear. Development is hurling along in this hot market faster than residents can have input. My plan is to:

  • Save rental stock. By the end of 2019, finding a way where new developments that replace rental stock provide alternate or integrated rental options to all residents at similar rental rates, or allow for the choice of relocation assistance.
  • Have more input on development by residents through surveys and forums. Make those results public. Move forward based on this input. Implement by mid-2019.
  • Encourage the smaller, low-rise communities in non-centres made up of duplexes and triplexes – with yards for children to play in. The current OCP is should be addressed to be more specific (p. 91) on these matters and should be addressed in 2019.


Demand more transit. If Vancouver is the top Canadian city in the 2017 Sustainable Cities Mobility Index (from Arcadis), what is preventing North Vancouver from being able upgrading service and capacity? This will be my question for MLA Bonwinn Ma on Sept. 16th as she addresses DNV Council Candidates.

Engage with the Integrated North Shore Planning Project (INSTPP). Although this project is still underway, it recognizes the issues residents are voicing and is a gateway to Translink. There is already momentum with this initiative and the DNV can join forces with related municipalities to arrive at a solution.

Make it safe to walk. Currently, certain streets in the DNV (Wellington, for example) are hazardous to walk on, especially for children and the elderly. From missing sidewalks to a lack of reflective lines along the side of the road, being a pedestrian can be dangerous. I will find ways to improve sidewalks, crosswalks and make roads more pedestrian-friendly.

Small Business

Support small, locally owned businesses. In 2019,  I plan to advocate for more cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, liaise with CFIB to help small businesses save money and work smarter, and provide leadership and marketing workshops to help North Shore businesses thrive and grow.

Protect affordable commercial properties. Small businesses operate on slim margins and when a business only has the choice to lease a new build, their costs go up and the chance of them failing rises exponentially. I will advocate for incentives for affordable commercial landlords to retain and upgrade their buildings.

Be flexible and creative. As society changes and we strive to reduce traffic, we need to allow businesses room to operate in new and diverse ways. Sticking to rules and regulations simply causes some businesses to shut down or not offer a service. I will seek for the DNV to be more accommodating and receptive on the specific needs of individual businesses.

Create jobs, provide space. North Shore flagship companies like Arc’terix need room to grow. Our home-grown AG Haircare, as they grow internationally, has settled in Coquitlam instead of here on the North Shore. As outlined in the OCP, I will commit to supporting light industrial space for jobs and opportunities for ourselves.

Some other ideas and creative thinking.

Build more park & ride. It rains. And the hills. We will drive. I will propose we find ways to dedicate sections of parking above-ground areas to park & ride.  As a councillor, I will prompt the DNV in 2019 and beyond to work with the City of North Vancouver to cooperate with developers to provide parking for users of the Sea Bus. Ideally, using a Compass card as an option to pay for a discounted parking rate.

Communicate better. The DNV could do a better job of communicating what’s going on to residents through more channels. For example, a weekly Friday update of construction work through a text link, email, social post and even a smart speaker app.

Free bike charging stations. If you’ve been on an electric bike, you know the ride up 3rd is finally doable for almost anyone. I would like to encourage residents to use electric bikes and build or subsidize charging stations near town centres while people shop or grab a bite to eat.