My Values

The quality of life of everyone living in the District of North Vancouver is my top priority. Here are the three main pillars of my core values.

A strong community

I support a strong sense of community and belonging. As our district grows and adapts to the market forces in the lower mainland, a challenge for the District will be to maintain our sense of community. We must find ways to move ahead with our family members, young and elderly, able to afford to live here. We need to listen to residents’ concerns about the rapid pace of development and base decisions and planning on those concerns with integrity. Council members need to reflect on the very character of the District and the North Shore and provide leadership in the preservation of our unique community we have created. While cities around us rush headlong into development, we must take the time to create a place we want to live in.

Supporting Small Businesses

I advocate for small businesses owned and operated by local residents. The economic backbone of any community is built on the success of small businesses, and council members must put the health of our local shopkeepers and merchants front and centre. Low-cost commercial properties are being bulldozed and replaced with more expensive real estate. This, in turn, is driving up the rates of lower cost units or drives businesses to more obscure areas with lower foot traffic. If our neighbours can’t run their business or are making little to no profit, the consequences are less disposable income to send kids to local camps, support local tradespeople, renovate their homes using local contractors, and so much more. I believe the District of North Vancouver must consider the value of local businesses and make decisions to help them survive and thrive.

Our Environment

I believe our setting on the North Shore is not only one of the most valuable assets we can enjoy, we must preserve it with a strong voice and firm policy.  I sometimes travel for work, and my contacts always express how “beautiful” our part of the world is, and how they are planning to travel here to enjoy our the spectacular nature. From forest hikes, clear streams to swim in, vibrant tree vistas to take in, and incredible winter sports to enjoy, our value is in our natural surroundings. The rush to development must consider the voices of everyone who stands behind our natural assets. The impacts of concrete and steel on our trees and streams require more critical thinking and analysis. The reason many of us live here is to immerse ourselves in this natural setting, and we must preserve it with consultation, consideration and policy.

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